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Bridges and ports

Westcoast Offshore main commitment is the construction of bridges and ports.

Here are the port facilities with piers, floating piers, booms, concrete foundations, boathouses, etc..

Here are several partners that collaborate in larger projects where Westcoast Offshore often is general contractor.

Of course we also make private jetties for the small summer house, too.

Westcoast Offshore performing jobs with high quality and durability.

At the docks used piles of steel tubes covered with plastic tubes filled with concrete. This method has several advantages over traditional wooden poles.

This method ensures no rust when no steel is in daylight. In addition to this reduces the risk of icedamaged.

Bridge deck meets all the requirements for stability and durability and guarantees maximum life.

In addition to construction and durability moons Westcoast Offshore on the small details that make the bridge look is beyond the normal.

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